Why did Terres Univia choose to participate in these innovation awards?

Terres Univia is one of the partners of the European Plant-based Protein Awards. This is a matter of course for the interbranch organization which represents French oilseed and oil fruit sector and French legume seed sector interests. Noëmie Simon, Terres Univia Innovation and Food Project Manager, explains why.

Why did Terres Univia choose to participate in these innovation awards?

Encouraging entrepreneurs is an approach that the interprofessional movement had already initiated during the Prot'Eat competition in 2018. This year, Terres Univia will promote the colours of its sector on a European scale by encouraging the use of legume seeds and plant-based proteins through promising innovations. I am very happy to participate in the organisation of this challenge alongside partners with the same values, gathered around the Village by CA ecosystems. Such a challenge will make it possible to attract the entrepreneurs of tomorrow to the oilseed and protein crop sector and to show consumers, even more so, the potential and richness of these seeds.

What attracted you to these European Plant-based protein Awards?

After Prot'Eat, the challenge for startups is characterised by a larger number of partners from the agricultural and agri-food sector. Together, we are moving in the same direction: to be part of the innovations in plant-based proteins.

How does Terres Univia participate in this competition?

During the discussions and exchanges, we proposed, for example, to enrich this competition with a prize around pulses which will benefit, as in the case of Prot'Eat, from the support of our partner Toasterlab. The interbranch organization also mobilized the Fondation Avril to support the initiative with a view to boosting and creating value in territories. Terres Univia is also implementing its communication relays and will mobilize its entire ecosystem until the results of this competition and in the months that will see the acceleration of the seven winners.