Why a start-up should attend the Plant Based Foods Summit ?

The 5-in-1 Plant-Based Foods Summit include a Plant-Based Start-Ups & VC summit which you should not miss

This summit will give an insight in the Food&AgTech ecosystem of start-ups, Venture Capital, academia, corporates and how they collaborate to disrupt the food system. Key trends in investing in the US and EU, learnings from the past decades of investing in Food&Agtech start-ups, vision on the future of the industry and how each part of the eco-systems contributes to building a healthier, more sustainable future will be at the core of this summit.

The Plant-Based Start-Ups & VC Summit creates:

  • A New Platform for the Plant-Based Food Start-Ups & VC’s
  • New Collaboration & Financing Opportunities
  • New Promotion Opportunities for Plant-Based Food Start-Ups

Benefits of attending:

  • The Best Networking & Collaboration Opportunities
  • Network with C-level Business & Financing Leaders
  • Gain from New Business, Markets, and Financing Chains

Who is joining?
C-Leaders from Start-ups, Food Brands, Food Manufacturing, Food Ingredient, Process Technology Brands, Venture Capitalists, Private Equity.

300€ discount for start-ups who applied to the Plant-Based Protein Awards. Contact us at levillagebyca@ca-norddefrance.fr to get your promo code.

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